Sailing on the Costa Dorada

Costa Dorada offers 92 kilometers of beaches with fine sand, calm waters and a pleasant Mediterranean climate in the winter, thanks to the mestral wind blowing from the north-east. Its skies are an intense blue color and clear atmosphere, and it is certainly one of the best places to sail out of season.

San Carlos de la Rápita and north of the Ebro Delta.

If you want to navigate the area of ​​San Carlos de la Rapita and the Delta of the Ebro, you will find a simple place, unspoiled beaches and beautiful sunsets, appreciated equally by its people as by the visitors. (Read more)

Bay of Alfaques and Route of Mussels.

Navigate the bay, observing the coast of the Ràpita, the majestic saltworks of the Trinidad and the natural reserve of Punta de la Banya, with its impressive flamingos. Tour infinite mussel nurseries and enjoy an incredible tasting of cava, oysters and mussels in a unique location on the sea, El Chiringuito! (Read more)

Roda de Bara – Punta de la Mora – Cap de Salou

 Columbretes Islands

The Columbretes Islands are an archipelago that constitutes a natural reserve 27 miles from the Cape of Oropesa. Its crystalline waters offer us a wonderful window to its rich diversity of fish and crustaceans. (Read more)

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