Bay of Alfaques and mussels tour


Navigate the bay, observing the coast of La Ràpita, the majestic saltworks of the Trinidad and the natural reserve of Punta de la Banya, with its impressive flamingos. Tour infinite mussel nurseries and enjoy an incredible tasting of cava, oysters and mussels in a unique location on the sea, El Chiringuito!

– The Bay of Alfaques is one of the most unspoiled corners of Catalonia and the best kept treasure of the Natural Park of the Delta del Ebro where time seems to stop. Experience a unique experience under the sea, explore the seabed of the bay and discover the spectacular nacres, seaweed, marine plants and unique species in Europe. The bay of Alfacs, hosts large numbers of waterfowl and marine birds throughout the winter

– In the salinas of the Trinity, only the sun and the wind have created, over the centuries, a unique landscape. The salt flower is a gourmet product a delicate salt and low in sodium chloride. The company Flor del Delta has the supervision of Joan Roca to elaborate their mixes.

Beach of the Trabucador. Known for its outdoor activity: Kitesurf, sailing vehicles, kites, … is the place of passage of a great variety of birds. – Punta de la Banya: Nature reserve colony of flamingo breeding, Audouin gull, shark, white jar and sea turtles.

The mussels. Built on rafts – wooden structures – where they hang endless ropes curdled with mussels and oysters. The fresh water and phytoplankton of the Delta del Ebro make these mussels and oysters have a different and characteristic flavor. Toss them in the middle of the sea in the Caseta del Parrillo (Aví Agustí) and Musclarium.

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